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    Have you ever felt more comfortable or cozy in any casual wear apart from Denims? I would say NO as it is something you can wear on a daily basis for long hours and still feel homely in it. I’m pretty sure y’all beautiful people agree with me. You can never have too much of denim. At least I can’t imagine a day without them.

    Denims are a special part of our life now. Anything denim can be spruced up or dressed down to fit a wide variety of occasions. It is considered that they are the oldest work clothes that were available in the world and are known for its durability and comfort.

    The denim was produced using a mixture of cotton and wool. The first ever blue jeans was called “BULL DENIM” that was designed for miners and workers.

    In this 21st Cent., denims not only come in various styles, including carpenters, sportswear, khakis, chinos, and combat but are also available in different colors, ranging from blue and white to brown and black.

    Ever seen sleeves creating a statement all on their own? Bell sleeves are here to give your style a new meaningful reason. The lush bell sleeves are sooo in trend and the trend is romantic, timeless and old-fashioned. You’ve been wondering why everyone’s sleeves are getting longer day by day and it’s because of these pretty sleeves.

    So today on the blog I experimented wearing this supercool Denim Bell Sleeves top, which is very versatile and perfect for making a fashion statement. It’s the right shade of denim and top you are definitely going to be reaching for constantly. It will look good at brunches, casual day outs, running errands and anything else.

    Bell sleeves have a narrower shape to the shoulder; the cuff hem is also flared. The lines in the sleeve are parallel to each other until flare starts, that is the square shape. The flare is little exaggerated, which gives the sleeve a bell shape. The sleeves do not gather at the wrist, the cuff is loose and flows at wrist giving it an elegant look.

    Style a denim bell sleeves top with a distressed pair of denims or denims matching to the shade of top.

    First look- Bell sleeves top styled with light blue plain denims and shoes.                                                                      Second look – Bell sleeves top styled with light blue denims, silver jhumkas, and traditional chappals.

    Top – Sarojini Market, New Delhi

    Jeans – Levi’s https://www.levi.in/

    Shoes – KOOVS http://www.koovs.com/

    Jhumkas – Local Market

    Chappals – Colaba Market, Mumbai


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    Formal Informal

    Formal Informal

    Hey Fam! Hope y’all doing well. We all girls are in a dilemma what to wear and how to wear. If you are attending any day events for that matter it could be going for brunch, exhibition, art gallery etc. And you want to classy, elegant, sophisticated and of course trendy.

    For instance, going into galleries is quite, expensive and calm. But it’s intimidating too like people who work in galleries are extraordinarily well-dressed.

    The jeans and blazer is an evergreen combination which is incredibly handy. The pairing is not only for the casual look. If you want you can many try different looks with a variety of jeans, blazers and accessories. The jeans/blazer style fits almost every event. You can create many looks by mixing different separates with each other.

    What comes to your mind when you think of a blazer?

    A plain jacket which is appropriate for the formal look. To break this stereotype you can try this informal look with this blazer. Can add more emphasis to your look with sky-high stilettos or pumps can make the look classier.

    Denims and single buttoned black jacket, worn with a white shirt and folded cuffs and knee-high boots.

    Capture the air of an art exhibition with low-rise stretch ripped denims, together with a plain black tee and black jacket makes a simple but stylish combination, put a neck-piece to add some statement to the look. Pair it up with white sneakers or smart flats.


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    Millennial Pink

    All about Millennial Pink 

    Ever seen any color changing gender roles?

    MILLENNIAL PINK just did that! It’s been stated as *GENDERLESS COLOR* now.

    There was a time when pink was reserved for Girly-girls. We are living in an era where 6 out of 10 people are no longer gender biased. Choosing MILLENNIAL PINK is the bold way to blur traditional societal concepts of gender.

    So this pretty color ranges from the shades of beige with just a touch of blush to a peach-salmon hybrid.

    Women can boost their femininity when they rock this hue, men can create a bold statement without getting their ego threatened and everyone out there can welcome this color. This new hue of pink feels like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and still can’t get enough of it. It comes with a neutrality and timelessness.

    Around 2014 this color first made an appearance in Asia-Pacific region, at that time it was named ‘SHIM’ and the scientific classification of ‘SHIM’ is “she” and “him”, also the awkward naming of the shade does make sense.

    There are fair chances that it’s a trend and every trend leaves and there’s another trend but this will stay for a long period of time. Because PINK is eternal. With a new generation, the color has evolved into a more sophisticated version of itself and has seeped through the modern implications of society.

    Also, this pretty shade of pink goes well with many colors like pitch black, foliage green, greener pastures, etc.

    This bold and whimsical color is leaving its impression everywhere. It could be most Instagrammed Pink drink at STARBUCKS or Zayn Malik dyeing his hair Pink or Zara millennial pink biker jacket. The color keeps on selling product and you’ll just keep on buying because you can never have enough of this color.

    Just like a few days ago I was having an eye on this beautiful Millennial Pink top but wasn’t sure that should I go for it or not. So this time instead of putting this top in my cart, I bought it.This top is available on Missa More, one of the best e-commerce sites for those trendy outfits.

    This Pink top is named ARABIAN NIGHTS, the name sounds so appealing that you couldn’t stop yourself from buying it and also when it’s in Millennial Pink color.

    Shop it from here – Arabian Nights!


    Heels – Truffle Collection




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