Hello there peeps.

Let me introduce myself to you guys. I’m Krutika, a girl with messy curls. This born artist is NIFT Graduate. A Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Designer (ermm… Product Designer). Something you should know about me is I have WAY too many interests.

Photographer with a Sweet Tooth. I love that it feels like there is still so much more to learn and try. My very favourite things to photograph currently are food and landscapes. I love photographing (it feeds my soul), EATING, and entertaining. It’s all good to me And of course, a Stylist. I believe in trying out new things everyday. Yea.. Like YOLO. So don’t think too much (Avoid stress, avoid pimples)

Can paint anything on Canvas (Oh yes, really!).

The STRAIGHT AND CURLS is incomplete without her. She’s an excellent business partner. And we get to work every day. We balance each other, challenge each other and make a really good team. We’re pretty sure that no matter where this journey takes us, we always want to be here.  And people are often mistaken by our looks (we look soooo similar. Like Seriously! )

People are always curious that do we fight? The answer is, “Of course we do!” I mean—we’re just people. But I can’t imagine doing any of this without Meghana (my soulsister having head full of straight bangs).