Ravish Ruffles *.*

Ravish Ruffles

Just when you realize that you’ve finally accepted the Cold Shoulders and then you see RUFFLES frilling around everywhere. Whether they are flowing down your shoulders or coiled around your hips, ruffles add a dash of drama and romantic touch to your outfit.

Ever witnessed a major throwback?

Well, Ruffles are here to give you 1950’s feel and clear statement of womanhood. Technically, it refers to a strip of lace, ribbon or fabric tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment as a form of trimming. It comes in all shapes and sizes today. It could be tiny, delicate, over-sized, crisped or tailored ruffles.

Ruffles initially appeared in sixteenth-century Spain and were unisex. The garment makers used to sew flexible strings into their clothes to make them appear like natural wrinkles. These could be pulled tighter to give a fashionable ruffled appearance. It was once worn by royalty and revolutionaries of both genders, to show strength and exceptional power.

Ruffles are a perfect combination of feminineness and forward-thinking and to wear one is a way to embrace a surprisingly fearsome legacy. It is a major hit among the girls loving street style fashion. But ruffles could be a difficult thing to pull off without getting a feel of looking like a walking confection.

In a decade when roles of women were progressively narrowed and idealized the ruffle became more understandably gendered than ever and anything that was sweet and feminine.

Zara and Topshop reveal ruffles as ultra-girly and Avant-garde borderline. They decorate hemlines and sleeves with beautiful fluttering or standing stiff and starched ruffles.

If you want to lend some statement in your style, then definitely Ruffles are for you. Like ruffles will never go wrong for a date night also it’ll make your night more romantic.

Ruffles are a major hit among the girls who love street style fashion. It can never go out of fashion, it gives your style a statement look. They are easy to go, you can pair it Wide leg pants, palazzo pants, pencil skirts and some cute shorts too.

I’ve paired this beautiful white ruffled top with ripped denim shorts to give some street style look.

I bought this top from KOOVS   http://www.koovs.com/

Shorts – Colaba Market, Mumbai

Shoes – KOOVS   http://www.koovs.com/


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